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Welcome to TeleLingo, the next generation of learning. Meet your expert online coaches, become a business negotiations professional, learn a new language, train your voice or play an instrument. TeleStudents and TeleExperts connect via high-quality audio video conferencing and share multimedia content interactively. With TeleLingo, you can bridge time, place and language differences effortlessly. Whether you want to advance your career, ace a language test or raise a bilingual child, TeleLingo is here to help, around the clock, around the world. See what you can learn!

Learning: the TeleLingo Way

Experts Guide and Inspire Your interests personalize your learning goals and content. Interactive online sessions with native speaking TeleTutors or TeleMentors available anytime, anywhere.
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Practice Makes Perfect Long-term learning commitments require daily practice with immediate feedback to inform and motivate you over time. Virtual tools enable your progress and provide feedback to you and your TeleTutor.
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Evaluation Refines Learning Automated measurement of your progress is key to improvement and used to refine your learning strategy. Speech technology powers automated evaluation of language proficiency, aligning your learning and coaching efforts.
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Get motivated by experts

Take advantage of high quality one-on-one interactive learning with carefully selected TeleExperts. Their native language proficiency and coaching expertise create the ideal learning environment.

Personalize your learning

Your goals and interests help personalize your learning content, time, and the duration of your interactive online sessions. With the connection at your fingertips, learn at your convenience.

Use High Tech

TeleLingo gives you access to experts worldwide via high quality audio/video, with interactive multimedia doc sharing and a dedicated cloud space. It all works on your laptop or mobile.

Practice with virtual coaches

Your TeleTutor selects the best tools consistent with your level of proficiency for off-line practice. Take advantage of the personalized selection of practice exercises and individual feedback.

Library of links

Coming soon! A library of recommended web-based multimedia content and interactive exercises you can access and use at your convenience in order to reach your goal, at your pace.

Technology can help

Most of the personalized tools and links are available on mobile devices and are coordinated with your individual sessions.
This is an excellent way to get real hands-on practice.

Measure Progress

Personalized evaluation of progress and reports are critical to refining your learning goals and adjusting your learning strategy.

Feedback from TeleCoach

You will receive periodic feedback from your TeleCoach and an evaluation at the end of each session cycle. Evaluations of recordings and assignments of real-life tests are especially effective.

Automated Evaluation

Coming soon! Automated testing and scoring of your proficiency level powered by speech technology.

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