Classic Guitar

Classic Guitar

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Intermediate Classic Guitar

Basic exercises, scales, chords, music and tablature reading, classic/rock/pop/folk/blues songs.


Advanced Classic Guitar

Advanced exercises, alternate fingering techniques, classic/rock/pop/folk/blues composition and improvisation




Test Preparation

Are you preparing for a music certification? These sessions will help you prepare and practice.


Classic Guitar for Kids

Are you a young learner (over 6 years old) wanting to play classic guitar like a pro?

Learning: The TeleLingo Way


Text Box: Experts Guide and Inspire

Your needs and interests personalize your learning goals and content. Interactive online sessions with native speaking TeleTutors or TeleMentors can happen anytime, anywhere.

Get Motivated by Experts Online

High quality one-on-one sessions provide an ideal learning environment, where you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of an expert at a convenient and personalized session. 


Text Box: Practice Makes Perfect

Long-term learning commitments require daily practice with immediate feedback to inform and motivate you over the long haul. Virtual tools enable your progress and provide feedback to you and your TeleTutor / TeleMentor.

Practice with Virtual Coach

“Practice makes Perfect” is our motto. Aside from personalized sessions with TeleTutors / TeleMentors, we provide hands-on experience and a wide range of practice exercises we recommend.

Text Box: Evaluation Refines Learning

Automated measurement of your progress is key to improvement and is used to refine your learning strategy. Speech technology powers automated evaluation of language proficiency, aligning learning and coaching efforts.

Measure Progress by Testing

TeleTutors / TeleMentors provide regular feedback and conduct tests. They can assign real-life tests as well as practice and evaluation of TeleStudent recordings.


Sample Sessions

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