Discovery Session

Sign Up and book your FREE introductory session to discover how TeleLingo works. This is a chance for you and your TeleTutor or TeleMentor to review your goals and find the learning strategy that is right for you.  Take advantage of this goal setting and skill evaluation sample session.

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English Basics

Are you a beginner interested in learning basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills? Take advantage of our basic sessions to build up your vocabulary and improve listening comprehension. Students can also benefit from Introductory Composition and Homework Help options.

Examples: Speaking and Listening Comprehension basics.


English Next Steps

If you are an intermediate level student, you may want to ask your TeleTutor for a specialized course on communication skills.

Examples: Practice conversing, Improve pronunciation, Expand vocabulary.



Test Prep

Are you preparing for English language testing? These sessions will help you prepare and ace standardized tests such as TOEFL, SAT or Regents.

Examples: TOEFL, SAT, Regents.


English for Kids

Are you a young learner (school age) or bilingual and looking to maintain your language skills?

Activities include reading comic books, playing word games and language practice related to your favorite topics.


Business English

Are you a busy professional communicating in English with clients around the world? Sign up for these sessions if you want to practice expressions used in business meetings, improve your speaking and writing skills, or prepare for an interview.



Advanced Business English

Your English is excellent but you would like to focus on mastering your business communication skills. You may even be a native speaker, but are looking to hone your business negotiation or presentation skills.




English Speech Clinic

Are you looking for pronunciation coaching, personalized dyslexia help or speech therapy sessions? Then these sessions are for you.

Examples: Speech Therapy, Dyslexia Exercises, Native Pronunciation Coaching.


English for Travelers

Before you head out for that trip to an English speaking country, have a TeleTutor guide you through the basics of the language and local culture. 

These sessions will teach you basic phrases you may need during your travels, such as filling out a form at an airport, renting a car, finding a hotel, asking for directions, or ordering a meal at a restaurant.


Advanced English for Travelers

Advanced communication sessions will enable you to feel more confident while traveling to an English speaking country. As a business traveler or a seasoned tourist, you can become a master communicator, get to know the nuances of the local culture, learn about sightseeing opportunities, rehearse and plan your trip.

Examples: Relevant everyday travel expressions, Cultural Awareness, Sightseeing Opportunities, Trip Planner.


Learning: The TeleLingo Way

Text Box: Experts Guide and Inspire

Your needs and interests help us personalize your learning goals and content. Our interactive online sessions with native speaking TeleExperts can take place anytime, anywhere.

Get Motivated by Experts Online

High quality one-on-one sessions provide the ideal learning environment, where you can benefit from the knowledge and experience of an expert in a convenient and personalized session. 


Text Box: Practice Makes Perfect

Long-term learning commitments require daily practice with immediate feedback to inform and motivate you over the duration. A virtual coach enables your progress and provides feedback to you and your TeleTutor / TeleMentor.

Practice with Virtual Coach

“Practice makes perfect” is our motto. Aside from personalized sessions with our TeleTutors or TeleMentors, we provide hands-on experience and a wide range of recommended practice exercises.

Text Box: Evaluation Refines Learning

Automated measurement of your progress is key to improvement and is used to refine your learning strategy. Speech technology powers automated evaluation of language proficiency, aligning learning and coaching efforts.

Measure Progress by Testing

TeleTutors / TeleMentors provide regular feedback and conduct tests. They can assign real-life situational tests as well as review  prior TeleStudent recordings.


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