Pricing and Payments


Tutoring and Mentoring sessions have to be purchased before booking.

Students can opt for individual session payments (at standard price per session) or buy packages of 10 or 20 sessions.

10-pack sessions are offered at 10% discount off the standard price. 

20-pack sessions are even more affordable, at 20% discount off the standard price.

Session pricing is 3-tiered, and depending on Tutor and topic, sessions can be 45 minutes (typically) or 60' minutes long.


Level \ Duration

45 min

60 min











Payment Packages are designed for a specific level and duration of the sessions. If a Student needs to attend sessions of different levels or lengths it s possible, as long as the balance of the payments made to their account is sufficient to cover the price of the requested sessions.

Please select the your preferred Package option below and follow instructions to complete the payment.

You can use your PayPal account, or major Credit Cards.


Regular 45' sessions


Intermediate 45' sessions


Advanced 45' sessions


Regular 60' sessions


Intermediate 60' sessions


Advanced 60' sessions