About Us

Our belief is that everyone can become a business communcation pro, master foreign languages or play music instruments, provided that appropriate tools, methods and content are made available and personalized for the student by a professional tutor. TeleLingo is working with tutors to help students improve their study habits, comprehension, and test-taking skills. As a result, students earn better grades, grow self confidence and self-esteem. We love celebrating those victories with our students and mentees.

The Team

Roberto Sicconi


Dr. Ing. Roberto Sicconi dedicated his life to “reinventing” human-machine interactions. He explored creative integration of silicon technology, signal processing, communication protocols, distributed-computing, intelligent dialog management. Goal: make information access available anytime, anywhere, via human-friendly interfaces on mobile and wearable devices.

In Italy, he managed speech recognition, image processing, satellite Internet data broadcasting, cryptographic systems, portable videoconferencing at the IBM Multimedia Development Lab. In 1998 he moved to IBM Research in the US to manage development of advanced conversational and multimodal user interfaces for Smartphones, SetTopBoxes and cars.

In 2009 he joined the IBM Watson team as Program Director to develop the system that competed at the Jeopardy! challenge in 2011 (and won). He then led application-oriented research projects targeting differential diagnosis in Healthcare, technical support for agents in Contact Centers, Customer technical support in Financial Services.

In 2013 he left IBM and co-founded TeleLingo to advance learning by integrating Cloud, high-quality mobile videoconferencing and AI-assisted feedback of students' performance. Goal: create next-generation personalized tutoring and mentoring services.

Education: MSEE and Doctorate from Politecnico University of Milan, Italy

Małgorzata Styś


Dr. Styś is an accomplished technologist and language education expert. Over the last two decades, she has been leading fast-growing high-tech initiatives at industry (IBM, startups) and academia (University of Cambridge, Uppsala University, Stony Brook University). An entrepreneur and humanist at heart, she is passionate about disruptive technologies, new education standards and emerging markets.

Resident of Somers, NY, Dr. Styś earned her PhD in Natural Language Processing from Cambridge University (1998), MA in Linguistics from the University of Warsaw (1991) and has completed the IBM MBA program (2000). Throughout her life, she has lived in seven countries and worked in four, where all appointments were self-initiated rather than dictated by a company mandate.

In 1999, she joined IBM Watson Research Lab and has since held positions in Research, CIO Strategy and Operations as well as in Sales and Marketing.

Her 20 year career at industry and academia prepared her for an exciting entrepreneurial venture. In 2013, TeleLingo took her on a journey of creating successful, personalized learning environments using innovative technology by integrating high quality mobile video conferencing with speech-assisted performance analytics.

Education: PhD from Cambridge University, MA from the University of Warsaw

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