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How it works

How does TeleLingo work?

TeleLingo is an online virtual face-to-face tutoring service covering three learning domains

  1. Language
  2. Business Communication
  3. Music

Professional Tutors and their Students get together for one-on-one sessions (typically 45-min long) to accomplish their jointly-defined learning goals. TeleLingo offers highly interactive, engaging sessions which enable you to explore, learn and reach your goal with an expert. Videos, pictures, animations, audio clips, interactive whiteboards are available to Tutor and Student to make communications and teaching most intuitive and effective.

TeleLingo allows you to immerse yourself in continuous learning and take full advantage of customized practice / exercises selected especially for you by your TeleTutor.

To connect our TeleStudents and TeleTutors TeleLingo offers a high quality audio-visual online service.

A  camera and a microphone are required, as featured in most of the recent laptops. TeleLingo recommends the use of a headphone set with a boom microphone to provide best audio quality and filter out noise and reverberation in the room.

Here are some tips on how to best gear your equipment and take full advantage of the sessions. All sessions are recorded and can be accessed via our cloud service.

So if I want to become a TeleStudent, what do I need to do?

  1. Register here.
  2. Select the tutoring area (e.g. one of the available languages), request an available Tutor who specializes in the topics you are interested in and book a Discovery Session. With your sign up, you are entitled to ONE FREE 30' Discovery Session. The Discovery Session will allow you to get familiar with the audio-visual platform and its capabilities, get to know the Tutor selected for you and  plan your individual course of study with your TeleTutor.
  3. Purchase session packages. You can purchase individual sessions, 10-sessions packages (10% discount) or 20-sessions packages (20% discount).
  4. Select your tutoring area and book your sessions with your TeleTutor. The scheduling tool will guide you as to the TeleTutors’ availability.
  5. Connect online for your booked sessions and start learning today. 


We also provide tips regarding connection problems and recommendations on how to ensure keeping time commitments.

Refer your friends and family to gain TeleLingo credits towards your next sessions.


Student Terms and Conditions

TeleStudents are required to understand the TeleStudents Terms and Conditions for the service and accept them at Sign Up time.

Tutor Terms and Conditions

TeleTutors are required to understand the TeleTutors Terms and Conditions the service and accept them as part of the application. 


Do I need a computer?

Yes, you'd need your own computer connected to the Internet.

  • Desktop or laptop running Windows 7/8 or MacOS 10.5+ (1.5GHz+ multi-core CPU)
  • Minimum 1 Mbps Internet speed both down- and up-link, 3-10 highly recommended  
  • Good quality webcam is also required for the lessons, embedded or USB-connected
  • Headphone with microphone boom is recommended. Built-in or external speaker and microphone can be used, but reverberation in the room, room noise, affect audio quality on the other end. Alternatively, smartphone earsets with inline mike can be used, usually with good results
  • Smartphones or tablets (iOS or Android) can be used to review recorded sessions


Session payments

Payments are made before sessions can be booked. Students can opt for single sessions or "packages" of 10 or 20 sessions.

There are three price levels for the sessions, depending on topic complexity and expertise of the selected Tutor.

Sessions are typically 45' long, but select Tutors recommend 60' long sessions. 

PayPal is the recommended payment method, Alternatively major Credit Cards can be used.

The payment page lists all available packages and their prices. 


Session packages

Packages of 10 sessions are offered at a 10% discount.

Packages of 20 sessions are offered at a 20% discount.

We believe that evenly cadenced sessions with preferably the same tutor help

  • establish an effective student-tutor relationship
  • create a longer-term commitment and improve motivation
  • reduce the time spent in setting up payments and booking of series of sessions

Sign up

How do I sign up

To sign up as a TeleStudent simply click on any of the Sign up buttons available on the TeleLingo website.


How do I log into the service (Student)

Click on any of the  Login  buttons available on TeleLingo's web pages.

That will give you access to your personal dashboard, calendar of upcoming sessions, status of payments, history of completed sessions and the ability to request sessions with tutors assigned to you.


How do I log into the service (Tutor)

Click on Tutor Login to access your TeleLingo account. You will have access to your personal calendar with upcoming sessions, a history of completed sessions and the ability to request/confirm/reschedule/cancel sessions with Students assigned to you.

As the scheduling calendar is set to Eastern Standard Time Timezone (New York, USA) you may find this Timezone Converter tool handy. Click on the button below to open a pop-up window to keep floating next to the calendar for look-up. Leave one timezone on "local" (yours) and set the other one to EST.

Timezone Converter


Recommended equipment?

TeleLingo recommends using laptops (or desktops) running Windows 7/8 or MacOS, with camera, microphone and speakers. Most models released in the last 3-4 years include an embedded camera (best if 1-2Mpixels) in the bezel of the display, to allow full view of the Student’s face.


If the laptop (or desktop) does not include a camera there are affordable high-quality webcams that can be installed on top of the display and connected via USB.

To minimize ambient noise and reverberation in the room TeleLingo recommends using a headphone with mike boom or at least a smartphone (Android or iPhone) earset.

For singers the recommended setup includes a lightweight/open headphone with boom mike or open headphone combined with a hand-held microphone (studio/performance style). The open headphone does not filter out ambient noise, but it allows the singer to listen to his/her own voice whilst singing on top of a music base played by the computer.

For music sessions audio adapters like these help connect music instruments and microphones to the computer.


Minimum Internet connection speed required is 1-1.5 Mbps downlink, 1 Mbps uplink.

3-20 Mbps downlink and 2-10 Mbps uplink speeds are highly recommended, as they provide margin to prevent audio glitches, video freezes, blurred video caused by occasional internet traffic bumps.

Internet connection via Ethernet cable is best. WiFi a/b/ac/n connections are all good alternatives.


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